[Dr Claudia Machiella] Rest & Recharge Mom Retreat

Dr. Claudia Machiella

Maintaining your optimal health & wellness

About The Speaker

As a passionate doctor, mother and health enthusiast, Dr. Claudia teaches those around her to embrace a lifestyle that promotes a sound body, mind and spirit. She is a true advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and is dedicated to spreading knowledge, insight and motivation to others on how to achieve optimal health. As a busy mother, wife and entrepreneur she is most aware that the journey toward living your best life requires commitment. Her goal is to help anyone she can feel confident about their health. She believes we are all entitled to health and wellness we just need the right tools, knowledge and team.Dr. Claudia is also the host of ‘The Wellness Prescription’, a radio show that airs every Saturday at 10 am on 105.9 The Region. This show is Dr. Claudia’s way of sharing tips, information and motivation for living your best life. She chats weekly with experts, authors and brands that offer insight for making the changes you need to reach optimal health.

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